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When this Coronavirus pandemic is over the world will be different in so many ways. Besides the fact that NONE of the economic projections in this new hotel study are based upon the current economic conditions! There will be a global recession, there are thousands of comp…

Exactly, he was enraged because she fought him while he tried to rape her. Strangling is attempted murder.

That comment of mine aside, yes...Matt a do-over of a hotel procurement if the good ole boys can keep their hands iut if it. But WHY should the City do it at all? Clearly, the Downtown free market is growing hotels without needing City officials offering lavish bribes.

City paid Jones Lang LaSalle 335K of taxpayer's money to guide the city's crack hotel advisory committee composed of no one in the Hospitality Industry to consult for 86 hours with Plamondon, 2.5 hours working with Wormald the only other bidder on the project, and then if course the phony…



"Might proceed without state funds??"

They've been turned down by the Maryland Stadium Authority, the Maryland Economic Development Corporation and the Board of Public Works...Sure doesn't look like the Plamondons believe they have any other options besides reaching deeper into our …

Lew's window is such an enormous, generous gift to us! His imagination, talent and sense of humor shine in every design he builds. We love Lew! He's a wonderdul human being and sweet friend. Glad to see his work has made the list!


Seriously, even though I believe Frederick needs hotels downtown, I wouldn't support this Marriott because it was corruptly procured. The City made a backroom deal with Plamondon the Marriott developer, and the Randalls who used to own the Frederick News Post and still own the property to bu…

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