Ah, FNP! Such sweet and trusting souls you are! "The idea of using drones in law enforcement is a compelling one." "But strong policies must be in place for its use when public privacy is at stake."

"Policies" (even strong ones) don't stop our "leader…

Blaine most famously said that he would not spend "a nickel more" than MOE for the schools. Yet, here, he says that he spent $5.7 Million more. Flip-flopping in time for the election, or truth?

That's quite the leap, isn't it FK? To state that Ms. Breiling's opinion is based "purely" on feelings while Mr. Chmelik's opinion is based on the law?

What if Mr. Chmelik has feelings, too? What if Ms. Breiling is quite aware of the law? Have you considered those possibiliti…


And what kind of weaponry will be allowed on "campus"? Fully automatic machine guns, .30 caliber and .50 caliber? Sub-machine guns? .50 caliber sniper rifles? M-16's? (The M-16, all by itself, issues an extremely loud, sharp report--for those of you who have never heard one. And it…

Old Line (ahem!) Academy refuses to release the names of its "students". Will they include the CIA, Blackwater/Xe Services, Seal Team Six... 9 year old kids with Uzis?

Other than the inanity of the "case", why is this in the news? This guy has gotten more ink than Blaine and Jan combined.

You got that right! Once a dollar enters the Blaine Young/Darth Vader Campaign Enterprise Black Hole/ MegaCorp and Empire, it never sees the light of day again. It arrives in the BYDVCEBHMC&E mail box. Then, it gets laundered through his Interstate Mobile Advertising Co., to purchase adv…

Blaine got over half his loot from two developers--$119,000 of the $227K:

LLC's controlled by Matan Companies
All listed address as 4600 Wedgewood Blvd. (Campaign HQ = Suite A)

LLC's controlled by St. John Properties, 2560 Lord Baltimore Dr, Baltimore …

japorciento commented on The adult in the room

Your interpretation is "interesting" too, albeit rather vague and bordering on the nonsensical... Nobody mentioned anything about a "possibility" of participating in "every forum." What does that mean?

Don't forget that YOU took exception to MY original co…

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