Funny all the stuff about his creepy sexual harassment but nothing about all the elderly he killed. Typical lame stream media.

Maybe Mr. DeArmon can help you Mr. Utley!

JerryR commented on Stacking the deck

Steve, as always I love your writings and share them with my friends routinely. I grew up in Cloverhill as well. :-)

mattlemp, NMP - you guys are eating too many mushrooms and your paranoia is showing. Bootlicker? Really? Teaching someone to be respectful is bootlicking? Well, in your case the world needs ditchdiggers too... Oh and NMP, if you don't like it here, you can always go back to Montgomery Cou…

JerryR commented on Chorus of discontent

I'm on here once in a while, you're on here every single day with your drivel. To that i say, GET A JOB!!

JerryR commented on Chorus of discontent

Shifty, what you describe exists on both sides of the fence...the left can sling it as much or worse than the right...and don't deny that because then you're a liar and your pants will be on fire. :-)

JerryR commented on Chorus of discontent

You're correct Bosco, that's why I always say, the hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds....that's the truth. I get canceled by close democrat friends of mine, but when I boiled it all down through regression analysis, it came from their deep hatred of Trump, really nothing else, that hat…

JerryR commented on Chorus of discontent

I always don't agree with the way the President went about this Covid business. I worked in BioTech for a number is years and all my peeps ask me what to do about Covid, I said, use common freakin' sense, where a mask when in a public space or with people you don't know, wash your hands f…

Great article. Well written and factual.

JerryR commented on Remembrance and responsibility

That explains a lot.....

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