If we could only return to the peaceful riots of BLM and ANTIFA last summer, life would be wonderful. I hear Portland is just having a grand ole time.

As long as the diversity and inclusion is merit based, there is no problem. But when you alter employment practices so that race supersedes qualifications then it becomes a racist policy and the Supreme Court has ruled such policies to be unconstitutional.

Truly wonderful to see all the liberals here finally condemning riots!! I am reminded of the CNN reporter standing in front of buildings ablaze reporting on the "peaceful" protests. You're all hypocrites!!

An unarmed "white woman" (race must always be identified) and 14 year veteran was gunned down. Umm..where is the outrage?? My democrat friends, welcome to the age of #resistance. Sound familiar? Stacy Abrams STILL refuses to concede her defeat in Georgia and claims the election was stolen…

MrSniper, mall security is not considered a career in law enforcement.

Can we get it right, please? An "unarmed WHITE man" was shot and killed by deputies. One must always report the race of the individual, always!!

Case is falling apart.


Another liberal spouting off at the mouth (as is your right) judging others without any proof of anything. We all know liberal mobs never cause any damage with their "peaceful" protests!! Minneapolis anyone?? Nice work Matty!! Just when I thought my expectations of liberals couldn't go lower.

Okay Dick. Pay up, you cover the cost. See..problem solved.

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