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Do you enjoy being obnoxious and condescending?

All forms of protest should be protected. Right?

Systemic racism?

They say..hahahaha..Democrats..hahaha..don' gerrymandering..HAHAHAHAHAHA

70% of voters in Frederick City are registered Democrats. The illegal use of a weapon has nothing to do with my 2nd Amendment rights as enshrined in the Constitution of the United States. You fail.

He did not cross state lines with a weapon. He was in legal possession of the AR 15 in Wisconsin. He did not violate any curfew. The video introduced into evidence clearly, CLEARLY, demonstrates Mr. Rosenbaum (felon) was the aggressor, as was drop kick man (felon), Mr. Huber (felon) and f…


Fossil fuels will be with us along long time. World fossil fuel demand is going up, not down. EV's are great for local noise and air pollution. Controlling CO2 worldwide output, eh..not so good.

Montgomery County north.

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