This logo is terrible and for $45K?? Whomever authorized and thought this was the best use of that money should no longer be in their roll. All the company did was take Google’s logo and “frederick’ized” it. Terrible.

Hannah's!!! thanks for opening that wound :-) that place was the best.. would love to know how Nicole is doing these days

Farm Fresh and their S&H Green Stamps!!!

Thank you for your service to our community!

^^ I noticed that too. Which is it FNP??

Comment of the year! Literally have tears from laughing. Thx pub

Good luck coach and team! Go Pats!

Why? ELI5, whats the purpose of earl voting?

One of Frederick's finest..…

For those who didn't attend, you missed a great game. Always fun to watch good softball. Congratulations to both and good luck in the playoffs!

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