This is perplexing to say the least. In the last several weeks there were a barrage of comments concerning climate change. Several county council members offered a resolution citing the urgency of combating climate change which necessitated a WW2 type mobilization to combat the crisis. Th…


We are not going to agree. You are correct about much of my support for President Trump centers on the courts. And I was truthful about this comment section. I remember the first letter I wrote a few years back and the stream of negativity and name calling following. It took m…


This is more in response to your comment in the editorial about MLK. I did not want to quibble over nonsense by questioning your post and diminish the tribute to a great man. I actually feel quite sorry for you. You remind me of the Biblical passage: "Strain at a gnat a…

Alice Jones

My words are irrelevant. I listened to Rev. King's "I have been to the mountain top" speech this morning. 49 minutes on youtube. Gives a great insight into his work and faith.


We each tossed out the talking points. This call came one day after Mueller testified. Nonetheless a fair review of the facts is forthcoming. Let us see whose side America is on.

Amen to that. A remarkable man. A remarkable Christian. Inspirational. A true child of God that fought a remarkable fight against the horrible injustice of slavery and the lingering injustice of racial prejudice.

Years ago,like many. I knew the main excerpts of his "I have a dream s…

"or demand that the Senate participate in the president’s strategy of making Joe Biden the issue, they won’t merely be violating their oaths to deliver impartial justice; they will risk going down in history — and appearing to voters — as participants in a cover-up."

Nice try but th…

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You asked some interesting questions. I have worked with groups. Still do with some and might with others in the future. Some are helpful some are not. This morning before church I got a text from someone asking to borrow money. I will loan him enough to get by. He starts …

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That is exactly what people who supported Trump wanted. Drain the swamp. How is that a crime. The amazing thing is is your twist of words. Typical. Put blame om Biden? Biden's ethics are questionable enough for blame. Just as Trump said in the call..

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I owned a 56 acre farm before my divorce.There is a quote in the Bible which appears in 3 gospels. Sell everything, give to the poor and follow me. You will have treasure in Heaven. I became so disgusted with people's love for money, power. politics and the millions upon mil…

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