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Who links numerical questions with alphabetic answers? SFB I know you and your friends at the home are proud but get it together. [lol][lol][lol]

Boomer can't. He really has a girlfriend, but she goes to a different school that you don't know about.

jth7100 commented on Mask mandate is about control

"Emotional rationale"? The irony is lost of the LTE writer. Boomer has uncovered the secret Chinese plot to control the US. First masks and then our women! Why did we all fall for this sham? Drink bleach, eat horse dewormer before it's too late. In the mean time, just ignore the increasin…

In addition, your guy Trump told the country there was no need to be afraid of this virus and it would disappear in a few days. Fox "News" personalities yell loudly about no to mandates and yet their own company has had a vaccine mandate in place for quite a while. They too recognize thei…

Also the ever popular, "it hasn't affected me, so I don't give a ______."

Boomer, bhall and W.T.F. condensed: " i don't care what evidence you have, I'm not going to believe it." Hard to tell if it's denial due to fear, ignorance or some imagined stand against tyranny. And what is the imagined gain for those recommending vaccines? Do the scientists have a strat…

So good to see graduates of Google university and the Facebook institute spout off about things where their ignorance is proudly displayed.

LTE condensed: "I don't want to wear a mask and no evidence will convince me."

My GPS burned out trying to follow this.

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