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I feel bad for parents. How about parents all quit their jobs and just stay at home? (sarcasm). Either homeschool, which can be financially difficult, or have school at school. How do parents manage this?

Yep. Why is the opening up of our business’ connected to nursing homes!? Strange

Thank you Charlie Smith for sanity in your words. Release people?! Crazy.

Exactly. I know several people who are sick, called health department in Frederick, and we’re excluded in testing because of not traveling, etc. I think a lot more people have it, but can’t confirm it. Numbers will increase, because testing will increase.

Grateful for Pastor Gary and DCF.

So how do these comments bring any true solutions? We need centers because people can change, and do change. I’m sure you know this. I hope your not in need and no one is there for you. I’m thankful for those who have given there lives to help and serve those who messed up, but want bette…

Well done, good and faithful...

It’s great to see a united front from different agencies and nonprofits in Frederick. If it helps only a few, it’s worth it.

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