If the driver of that little Honda Civic only had minor injuries, they were very lucky. The whole front end was bashed in and the car was facing south in the northbound lanes.

That meeting was announced on WFMD’s Mid Maryland Live show a week before it was held. And the FNP didn’t need an invitation, they could have gone right in if they wanted to.

My wife and I are going to make a big bowl of popcorn for each of the debates, sit back and watch the circus. This is gonna be fun!

It’s not uninformed fredneckian. And to reply to your comment saying it is is something one would expect from someone who condones illegal aliens being here or even hires them.

Yes, accidental. Do you think they intentionally killed him?

Border Patrol and ICE both think we do need a wall. They’re the ones who work the southern border and best know the situation along it so I respect their opinions over anyone else’s.

The death of the mentally ill young man was tragic but it also was totally accidental. The two off duty deputies handled the situation as they had been trained and hopefully law enforcement nationwide will now have revised training in how to deal with incidents like this in the future. I …

How is recording the meeting “threatening?” What is Ford afraid of?

Good point. It’s easy to see which side of the fence the FNP is on.

Illegal alien criminals.

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