Excellent comment, Tom. You are absolutely correct on all points. The folks who live in that area near Buckeystown best get involved and stop this nonsense.

So, basically, the County commissioners want to drop another “Wormans Mill” in Buckeystown, and they want its residents to commute to jobs in Montgomery County and DC. If so, there are two things you can take away from this: 1) The commissioners are more interested in representing people …

Um, it’s a county line, not a border.

It has ALREADY become an everyday occurrence.

No, Jay, more people cramming in means more trashy people, more crime and more violence of this kind. I suggest you arm yourself.

Role models

The ghetto -- and its degenerate, sociopathic culture -- is spreading to every corner of the County, and beyond. Liberals must be so proud of their creation. They've made it so that there's nowhere to flee. They're so clever.

I invite you to spend a week with these four criminals and their friends.

Plastic bags are not recycled. Do your homework. In fact, most "recyclables," nation wide, end up in landfills, as most countries no longer accept them. There's no longer any money to be made by them.

So, just because you think this is a good idea, the rest of us have to suffer?

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