The road would be lined with jersey walls to protect the new seating area. This is outlined in the plans presented by the city.

looks like we found the hated-filled conservative

I found the service to be good. They were usually trying to refill my water while it was still in my hand!

Whew, thank goodness someone is trying to protect me from buying fake meat. I had no idea this was a problem I had.

What ever happened to this being a grocery store? To me, it seems like a sandwich place that also sells chips.

It's a right, not a privilege ... which is part of the problem.

Don't get your hopes up. Kroger owns about a dozen different stores, including Harris Teeter and Littman Jewelers (in the FSK Mall), and I'd bet the this distribution center will support them. A distribution center doesn't guarantee a retail location.

Or ... OR ... figure out how much money the state would lose with this ridiculous tax credit -- oh there it is, $350 million -- and earmark it for public transportation. After 3 years of not implementing said credit, you've got yourself a cool billion dollars, which could go a long way (p…

Rogue One probably should have been in this list.

Keep your spoilers to yourself, folks :)

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