Another example where hard working people pay taxes so people who have children they cannot afford and who have no plan for upward mobility, especially so they can afford children, get free handouts paid by the taxpayers and an ever increasing US debt. I could never vote Republican but ce…


FNP next time please use a photo of masks being worn properly.


Interesting that this article was followed by an admwith a woman in a skimpy bikini. Perhaps the FNP needs to screen its ads, particularly those that sexualize women.

It is very simple: Deny ALL government benefits to anyone who is not vaccinated. I understand the process would be difficult, but the outcome would be worth it.

Perfect! Perhaps vaccination should be a requirement to get all these stupid child handouts.

Agree completely. Humans are the vermin of the earth and everything should be done to decrease human populations, not encourage people to over populate.


Remove his testosterone.

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