I hope that these comments are poor, ignorant, attempts at humor. Please remember that Jesus is and was a Jew.


I truly wish individuals would do a little research before breaking out the pitchforks and torches. FCPS has a Director of Transportation. During an event such as the deluge of rain, individuals check roads and safety conditions. These individuals report to the Director of Transportation.…

The Electoral College needs teeth. One of the powers they’re supposed have, is to remove candidates that are morally reprehensible, known to be dishonest, and who intends to profit from their position. Oops!! They didn’t have teeth to be able to do their job. Plus the members are supposed…

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Whaaaat? Where did you come up with that gem?

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Way to go Dr. Alban!! Common sense!! I back you all the way. However, we will most likely hear from our rogue Board member, who doesn’t understand being part of a team. She also lacks a shred of professionalism.

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Dwasserba - What are you trying to say? It’s not clear

I drove through New Market just yesterday, except I could have sworn it was Gaithersburg. Congratulations Winnie Burhans, your dream has come true.

What did Trump do about Baltimore? Nothing other than call it names. That helped. What’s that about Dems when a Republican President just office (in shambles)?

ClairePSU - As educators, we are Public Servants, just as any other person who is paid by funds provided through taxes. Public Education does provide a “product” to children. The product is paid for by taxes. Public Educator’s provide the product, therefore customer service is part of the…

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