lynnemezzo commented on Don't shake on it

Fist or elbow bump, even a foot tap! Agreed, shaking hands is pretty gross.

Congratulations, Lions!

I taught in the FCPS for 40+ years. I never had children of my own, so in essence, I was paying my own salary. Nevertheless, I have no qualms about paying taxes for a good school system. Better that than paying it all out in welfare checks. Ignorance is NOT bliss!

lynnemezzo commented on Our citizens are in trouble

Same here, Gary. I have never paid so much to the IRS in my life, and my income did not go up!

117 was the original American Legion Post #11 before it relocated to Taney Avenue.


Right on, olefool!

John was one of my students the first year I taught at Frederick High School. Congratulations on your retirement; enjoy life to its fullest!

How come FNP hasn't identified the victim? The sheriff was interviewed on DC television this morning and said his name.

I'd love to ride in it, too!

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