It used to be a felony in California until they changed it... nothing like justice moving backwards. This guy will see no real time.

Hospitals are years ahead of you karen and the Maryland has made a mess of hospital regulation... Hospitals all have patient bill of rights that are 100% geared towards the PATIENT.. As if any kind of bill of rights actually matters to democrats like you who constantly trample on the 2n…

If you really want to get mad.... go look at the Frederick City salaries... They are miles above national average for local government.

Not when a breathalyzer was refused.

m21701m commented on Tear gas brings Frederick tears

The Obama administration used teargas over 500 times at our boarder..... and its now just a problem? Where were you armchair social justice warriors the other 500 times?

m21701m commented on Tear gas brings Frederick tears

Its been shown time and time again that the migrants there are almost all men looking for economic prosperity. There are small numbers of women and children. You'll notice that almost every picture or video is of the same woman and her 2 kids, that she used as shields. But then again most…

m21701m commented on Tear gas brings Frederick tears

I guess you know so much about what was happening down there at the boarder since you were there right? Except your letter is an emotional response to biased reporting. Tear gas isn't used until after its needed as a response. Are you okay with border security men and women getting rocks…

Doesn't work that way .. but believe what you want. All expense reports are submitted with line item receipts.

Actually they have broken a law by coming into the country undocumented. That in itself is illegal. They knew it before coming here. Many people who immigrate here legally don't like people who come illegally.

Ahh auto correct. Should be "you are the reason there is that dindonuffin stereotype. "

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