It seems the work day has expanded. I know several people that get to the office at 7 am or even 6. I knew some others that didn’t even leave for work until 930. It seems like rush hour is almost all day anymore.

Dick I agree with you. But the truth is most tax laws benefit the rich because they find a way around them. Generally the rich don’t pay much in taxes. When I say rich I mean the super rich. I really believe that high taxes really only hit the “above middle class” and upper middle class. …

Thanks Steve for your explanation. I never fully understood what was going on with this until this article and your explanation.

Kelly point is valid. Old homes were wired for minimal electrical appliances. All a person need when it was first wired was probably a few lights. Then later a refrigerator and may an oven. I would imagine many houses in frederick still have knob and tube wiring which was the technology o…

This isn’t news and is very normal for Wells in the Walkersville area. UV lights to kill bacteria are pretty common out here.

They are trying to protect the restaurants. Government coddles those with the best lobby

ma23464 commented on Here comes the solar

Agreed. This is an awful lot of fanfare for a small solar installation. I wonder why it’s inly 14 acres. They certainly have more land then that available on the old landfill site.

While these projects are important to advance the technology, solar is not economically via…

Why should a student not be allowed to use a phone during lunch or other out of class room time? Do they want to limit information available to a student? As I set here and read the newspaper on my cell phone it obvious that cell phones are the way people get information.

I know. It’s unbelievable. 3-5 trucks a day clogging up a public road. Walkersville has gone to the dogs all because of rutters.

Sir I hope with your hate and pea brained statements that you are in fact not a school principal. If in fact you are that is part of the problem. I have no idea what republican rhetoric would encourage any sane person to go shoot people. I am conservative and I do not promote shooting peo…

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