Tax revenues going down. People out of work. And the teachers get a raise. What a joke.

Yes he did ban gathering of more then 10 people in or outside. I believe someone in Maryland was actually arrested for having several large outdoor parties. I find it amusing that while people march in the streets for equal rights, many of those same people support the government limiting…

Lmao. If your don’t like the sheriffs department what makes you think a county police force would be better. County police forces are far worse. Look around the country. Police forces run by executive politicians don’t work.

All this talk about cleaning is bs. The way to prevent spread of the virus is ventilation of buildings. Move the respiratory droplets along and out the window. .


Yet all these cities such as Minneapolis are run by liberals. Many of these cities that have racial injustice and economic issues are run largely by black liberals. Yet the citizens get angry at the police. The city police work for the city. The state police for the state. You need to go …

Imagine how many more lives are being saved though. Had Hogan let those restaurants open at 4:30 millions more would die 😊

How is making people go bankrupt safeguarding anyone. If you don’t want the virus then stay home.

Agreed. Those out of work will still have to pay taxes to pay government employees to sit at home. It’s unethical

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