marylandmirage commented on Sabotaging the postal service is dangerous

Straight out of the Republican playbook. Game the system so they can win. Close and move polling places in lower socioeconomic-economic areas so folks can’t get there. It’s all about strategy. And now, after trying to destroy credibility in the fourth estate, and sabotaging government age…

At a prior event, Sheriff Jenkins offered to speak with and discuss issues with the protest leaders. The protestors shouted him down and declined the offer. This, to me as an observant, indicates that they are not willing to talk about or resolve anything, just make a lot of noise.

I hope you are correct, Greg. He still has a hard-core deluded base of hassoles that views him as sent by God (because He ran out of locusts, no doubt) and will support him come h3 !! Or high water.

He was duly elected by the electoral college. He was NOT elected by the majority.

I don’t always agree with Sheriff Jenkins on his philosophy or implementation of policies, but meeting him in a confrontational manner is not the way to resolve any differences. You can’t resolve anything by showing up with the most number of people on your side and shouting down your opp…

marylandmirage commented on Listening to the right people

Great letter. Word of advice to the author: you can’t reason with people who have none; anymore than you can engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

marylandmirage commented on The other virus we must diagnose and fight

In my lifetime I have had the great privilege of being related to people in various branches of the military. To a person, they all had impeccable ethics and integrity. I do not always agree with them, but I respect them. When generals such as Mattis, Kelly, Milley, Dempsey, Thomas and Ad…

marylandmirage commented on Being our worst selves

Can you honestly look at Don Jr., Eric ( “”aka”Dumb” and Dumber”), and Ivanka (Daddy’s little girl) and think they are that much better? They all have a sense of entitlement.

marylandmirage commented on Being our worst selves

Wow, x.Jacky! You must be one of God's "special little people". Bless your heart, honey. Have a nice day!

marylandmirage commented on Being our worst selves

Until and unless there is a leader, somewhere, who can address the underlying issues that have been seething since the settlement of this country, these will be brought to the forefront time and again. Trump is incompetent and fuels the flames, but unfortunately just electing someone else…

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