Wow! That's one racist statement there...

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Yes, the Dems control the House but budgets go through the Senate as well. I think you know who's in the majority in the Senate, but just in case, it's the Republicans.

Good letter, Karl! Thank you!


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Yes, FAIR is a hate group -

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I can always count on comments that show an inability to perform basic searches. "Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and the Republican Club of Frederick County are hosting a “Citizens for 287(g) Rally” on Oct. 6. One of the groups represented that day is the Federation of American Immigration Reform …

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I never understand the folks that get their climate change information from Dennis Avery, a food scientist and vaccination information from Dr. Jenny McCarthy, actress from such movies as Scream 3 and Santa Baby..

I really wish you would report on other jurisdictions that have raised their minimum wage and what it has done for their local economy. Facts and data are so much better than what people think they know.

Well, someone has to pay for the massive tax breaks for corporations and billionaires. Might as well be local workers and small businesses.

I have heard the same, that's there much more to this story than is being released by the authorities. However, our sheriff is bringing in the head of a hate group to protest his 287(g) program. What else should we expect?

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