Plumbum? Is that a term of endearment or a way to bully someone and fly under the FNP community standards? Maybe I could say that C.D. is a mouth-breather and a knuclehead. That okay, FNP?

We used to have a great Korean place. How do we get another Korean restaurant?


If I, as a taxpayer, am paying their salaries, I deserve to know the costs. If there isn't a problem with identity theft, then we shouldn't be fixing it. Jeez!

Thanks to climate change, it should be a little warmer than most winters.

The link is inccorrect. It should end with .net

Thank you Frederick City government. More of too little too late. I have a prediction for you - Trump flu is going to be with us through the summer of 2021. Just allow the outdoor dining with the caveat that it's good until the CDC says this awful mess is over...

I am so sorry you think that way and have been taken advantage of by the empty slurs. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.


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