matthewboh commented on Biden is America's clueless leader

I sorely wish that the FNP would stop printing letters from Fox News watching, tin foil cap wearing people. They tend to either be retired or on SSID and have the time to write such drivel. I'm sure the writer believes the facist, sexist, racist guy with the orange skin was a better choic…

The timing! It's incredible! How much did this "briefing" cost the city residents? What is included in the cost? I bet I could have told the city to give more contracts to minorities and women for half the cost. We need a new mayor! That's what they should have said.

matthewboh commented on Get out and vote

FINALLY! A mention of the primary and a list of the mayoral candidates! However, it would be nicer to have it as a news article instead of an opinion piece. Hey FNP - try a little harder, will you?

This is an opinion piece. The FNP is one awful newspaper.

Finally! Some coverage for the primary election! How about some coverage for the mayoral candidates!

I agree, but they have issues reporting basic stuff like local elections. This town needs some competition in the news business!

I'm at a loss for words. Such a sad excuse...

Mayor DoNothing is getting ready for the primary! Speaking of primaries, you would never now anything is happening by reading this excuse of a newspaper. Not a single item in this sorry excuse for news.

matthewboh commented on Gov. Hogan's divisiveness continues

Dear FNP, please stop printing these LOE's from people with too little time and too little sense. It's tiring to read through these tinfoil capped conspiracy letters. If I wanted to watch Fox News, I would. If I wanted to listen to OAN, I would. However, my time is spent getting real news…

matthewboh commented on The unrealized power of the NACs

Perhaps the answer is to get a new mayor, one who actually will get things done. I've looked over the current roster, and Jennifer is the one and only stand out candidate. Make sure you get out and vote in the primary on September 14th. PS - The Frederick News Post needs to cover this may…

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