Good fall back option for people getting a divorce.

But you get the added PFA benefit with some nonstick pans.

Be careful with dogs off leash when you’re hiking. They can easily get fangs in the pusser.

I don’t see this happening for her. Better to hold on to her seat on the council for another 4 years, maybe even become council president, than risk losing a CE spot. 12 years on the council and undefeated in 3 races opens up way more political opportunities than risking a loss and being …

But, but, but Dacey...

Phil is perhaps the most worthless person on the council. He has no original ideas, is too afraid to cross developers for the greater good, is all talking points, anti-science and anti-clue. He needs to go.

matts853 commented on The winter of my discontent

Great column, Bill. You’ve had a rough go of it, but smooth roads and warm weather are just around the corner. I’m getting back on the bike this year so I hope to see you at some FredPed rides.

Best - Matt Seubert

If we could get society to buy into compostable toilets, we could clean up things real quick. Save electricity, no wastewater, cleaner waterways and cleaner drinking water.

Glad to see a school prioritize environmental literacy. We’re losing the planet to our own rapacity and all future generations will need to respect the planet and adopt a do no harm lifestyle. Earth can’t take much more of us.

Dollars to donuts Mr. Hogwash is a Trump supporter who believes the big lie.

👍🏻 Just a friendly stroll, nothing to see here, now back to wrecking American democracy. Oh those stupid Americans. They buy all my propaganda.

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