Warren would be the worst possible pick. I’d like to see Condi Rice on the ticket.

Fortune cookies don’t lie.

Trump’s emotional and intellectual intelligence is around that of a 4th grader. Open up the schools and enroll him in 5th grade. Everyone deserves a second chance at becoming a well adjusted adult and a good person.

One word: Empty

Wish I knew about this. I could have participated.

I retract my last comment. My CPA mind isn’t working today. So I’m assuming the mortgage is paid off. But in order to fully understand his reasoning you would need to consider the incremental increases over 40 years. I still think it’s reasonable, but that’s in the eye of the tax payer. B…

Yes, I realized after I posted that it was per month. Still, $1,200 a year after 40 years is perfectly reasonable.

Did I read this correctly, that his property taxes have risen $100 over the past 40 years? Oh the horror.

Thank you, Barb. I have faith the council will adopt.

Politics has pushed science aside for decades, and now we’re just beginning to experience the catastrophic results of ignorance and denial. Covid is a Polaroid of what happens when politicians and the public ignore the warnings o…

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