When your comments, as above, are reduced to REPORT status ONLY and allowing no one to rebut, save for an outbreak of differing comments or OPINIONS to your posture positions, who is being better served YOU or US?

In the scheme of things hatred for Trump is an acquired taste. He's every bit of the anger and angst people have for him, for LYING, over and over again to the citizen population of of America and the World.

We are in 2017. Tell me you are better off NOW than you were under Obama. Per…

SO, what does CHRISTIANITY and HEALTHCARE have to do with this discussion?

BUT you are not the POTUS, who is currently under investigation by the FBI for impeachable crimes?

What if anything have you contributed to this exchange, other than confirm Trump's meeting with the Arab world was more about one National leader LYING to yet another LIAR? How is HISTORY going to record this scripted and STAGED presentation to the WORLD and back home in the U.S.? How much …

BUT, doesn't your postured position more about the LIE we tell ourselves on a daily basis, by OMISSION? Aren't you part of the ELITE that looks down their nose at those who the elite consider beneath their regard? It's an OLD QUESTION that continues to circulate but INTENTIONALLY leaves out …

From what we currently understand we are headed in the same direction that Bush took us in 2008.

Aren't you leaving out a lot of HISTORY. What is it about LYING by OMISSION don't you understand or comprehend?

MAVRICKinc7 commented on A fraudulent commission on voter fraud

I like to think of this latest move by president Trump as the makings of yet another LIE.

What should we do about the fact VP Pence, when chosen by Trump, had his past Congressional Record put under SEAL until after his death? When Trump goes, should't VP Pence also go? How many LIARS do we have at the White House and Congress? What could Pence do if he were to be found out to be…

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