This is a good man who still has years of service to provide to some community. Good cops leave when they don't feel supported by the local leaders or community, period. Wake up Frederick.

My wife and I would have normally been downtown for our usual Friday night dinner. However, we thought better of it and ordered pizza instead! Glad we did. My heart breaks for the downtown restaurants, but we will not be back until this stops.

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I agree. Ride-alongs are available to any citizen.

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Fair point, but the average citizen has no clue how difficult the selection process is to become a cop. The vast majority that apply never make it through the background check or academy (many due to a questionable moral character). Do they change throughout their careers based on the tra…

I've seen no creditable data to prove that there is a significant Covid problem within the Frederick County adult detention system. So, what's the problem this group of so called leaders is trying to solve for? I'm sure there are some inmates that should be considered for early release: e…

Students would be worse off and not as safe without SRO’s like Sgt. Carrado and others like her. They devote their lives to the well-being of all children within the FCPS system. It’s time to show them support and stop the nonsense.

God Bless the Blue!

I’m sure the four authors had good intentions when writing this piece, and I’m sure they do great things for our kids in the FCPS. However, their “expertise” and recommendations on

policing are way off. Zero, well supported facts about what’s actually happening in Frederick County. …

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Hayduke2 is right, the Oakland Officer was not killed by a rioter. I was mistaken.

However, as I said, a LEO is always a member of LE. Why should their status (retired) matter? Sounds like you think it should. Their deaths were tragic and unnecessary. That’s the point.

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