Your use of Drumph is getting old.I am sure you are a Hilaryious supporter.

Jayden is special and wise beyond her years.I think living with pain most of her young life has made her an old soul.She is one of the kindest and sweetest kids you would ever meet.

mdniteowl commented on Zoo rules

I am all for that.But,if these zoos were shut down immediately,the animals would probably have to be euthanized as it would take time to find appropriate homes for all of them.Ideally,they would be in more animal friendly facilities but,unfortunately it is what it is and I know for a fact th…

mdniteowl commented on Zoo rules

I would love to know what these "do-gooders" propose what we should do with the animals from the zoo.Send them back to the wild,foster them--perhaps adopt them out to worthy families!!!Sending animals back into the wild is a ridiculous thought.Not only would they not survive becaus…

mdniteowl commented on Push to remove 'marriage tax'

you are penalized if you are married and have legitimate children!!That is just the way it is.It doesn't seem very fair.I know this for a fact from the one time we needed help and unfortunately,my children were born to a legally wedded couple so our help for them was severely limited.Yet,sit…

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