Frederick City is now "mini" Baltimore City. City Government controlled by liberals who's only concern is getting re-elected. Lots of phony effort communicating that they are working on problems through studies, survey's, consultants and sessions. Lots of effort results. Meanwhil…

Fact..The most communities have majority Democratic Governments. Frederick County/City is rapidly heading in that directions. Violent Crime, including a murder at the fair? The Frederick County I once knew. The irony is that many Frederick County Citizens moved here from Montgomery County…

In about three years, The Frederick News Post will be reporting something similar that the two "children" that murdered Mr. Weed at the Fair. Strong arm assault.

Is he the Mayor?

Apparently the 99.9% of us that are civilized to anticipate how to handle two animals attacking an individual for no motive other then sport. Irony, animals don't kill for sport. I wonder if brothers can share the same cell? Just a thought.

Is this what Frederick Country has come too? It is time that forget trying to understand why these things happen.. to prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law. These two brothers are animals. They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and sentenced. Don't care about t…

Is there any space in Monrovia for this developer to put high density housing?

Sheriff's department doesn't patrol the City.. The ineffective Frederick City Police Department does. If you want to be safe...stay in the county where the Deputies patrol.

Baltimore comes to Frederick. Do nothing Democratic Mayor and Alderman just like Baltimore....Community Policing just like Baltimore..

$100,000 for what?

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