All races are created equal, but some more equal than others !

I'm so glad we have finally returned to the policy of "talking them to death" and sending them money and hope they will like us !! Just more elitist BS !!

Thankfully we are now flying the illegals in so they don't have that nasty river crossing and get all wet!!

It's not "gun violence", it's people violence!!

Magnet and charter schools, how did he sneak by the union??

There is a criminal problem, not a gun problem!!

Call it "infrastructure" and let Joe build it !!

If the two sides can't agree to an infrastructure plan, they might as well call it quits and go home to wait for 2022 and then try again!!

micky commented on 'Isn't it time we moved on?'

But it was "mostly peaceful" wasn't it ??

Masks Forever, get use to it !!

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