Ehpercy (below)...Not asking for more than your child, but I guarantee my children are currently getting less. What is the median PPA and what are the reasons for the discrepancy between median and average? I'm curious about this argument.

This is a reasonable comment (Dick D and ReadPred...please take note.). Agreed...the logistics, cost, fairness to other programs come into question. Likely why it hasn't been implemented.

OMG...these are PUBLIC Charter schools. There is no "choosing students". Your argument is completely invalid, just like the bulk of DickD's argument. Please educate yourself on how the FCPS PUBLIC charter school system ACTUALLY works. I'm so sick or reading these ignorant comm…

There is no application to public charter schools. There is no denying handicap or mentally challenged. These are public schools where students are chosen through a lottery. You are 100% wrong...these arguements only apply to private schools. The transportation issue is valid. I belie…

FCPS can justify it any way they want, but at the end of the day, Frederick County Classical Charter school students only get 68% of the per pupil allocation that other FCPS students get. I assume the other charter schools are at a similar disadvantage. Some of that may be reasonable. But…

MCEDDE21- Some areas of the Country allow private Charter schools. In Frederick County (isn't this what is being discussed), all three Charter schools are public. They cannot "force out undesirables". Please keep your rant more factually-based, at least.

DickD- Frederick County students do not 'apply' nor are they 'accepting'. They enter into a random lottery. Yes...the Charter schools do not provide transportation, which may preclude some students. I believe there have been discussions on how to provide transportation to some students.

mikeswan1200 commented on More charter choice needed

The cost of rent and facilities improvements comes out of the (already lower) Per Pupil Allocation, not costing the rest of FCPS a dime. FCPS gives absolutely zero to the Charter schools for facilities.

mikeswan1200 commented on More charter choice needed

Hayduke2- Only one article, but does make some good points. Salary may be higher, but would be tough to match benefits (since at smaller scale).

Anyone else have some posting functions disabled (or is it censorship)?

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