Frederick had two Safeway's. One on Jefferson St. and one on 7th St. The one on Jefferson St. didn't move, it closed. The one on 7th St. was originally located across from the hospital. They turned it into the Cancer center.

Not a happy camper. Really didn't want either of them.

I had to look on the City's website to find my polling place. I think a lot of City residents didn't know where to vote.

East Street needs sidewalks on both sides of the street at a minimum.

This is insane!!!! We don't need any more houses in that area.
A light will need to be installed at the four-way stop. The two lanes will need to be put in from Patrick to Hughes Ford instead of a few feet before the stop sign.

We will also need a light on Schifferstadt at…

This property is also diagonal to the Water Treatment plant. There are times when the smell is really bad. They could have trouble selling the houses if future residents visit at just the right time.

I go through the intersection at Church & Monocacy several times a day, it wouldn…

Traffic was very light on 270 to Shady Grove Road this morning. I think that people are already avoiding the area. Also, they have updated the umbrella policy to tote size only. No non-collapsible umbrellas will be permitted.

Has the Postal Service actually expressed an interested in the redevelopment of Their property? It makes no sense to do a study of property that belongs to someone else.

Let's form a group of commuters from several different fields and see if we can get some companies started in Frederick. I'm in Facilities now, but can work in any office setting with 30 years of experience. I know that there are others that could hold positions in a new company. Plus, l…

MisAul commented on Solving the I-270 gridlock

I have been driving 270 for almost 25 years. I don't mind the drive when the drivers are actually paying attention to what is going on around them. There are a few things that drivers do that really get to me:
* Texting while driving. The driver will hang back about 3-4 car lengths and…

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