I like the idea, but $15 admission seems a bit steep. Is that per person or family? If I wanted to stop in with my kids, that would be $45, I'm not sure it'd be worth it.

Also try Pho Basil, just one block away. Quick lunch service every time I've gone.

This article is like a prelude to a real article; a tease with no real substance. I hope the real article is forthcoming, I would love to hear more about this gentleman's life.

Sweatpants FTW!

I moved downtown in '97 and shopped at Tesoro. (It was terrible, I would drive to Martin's on 7th st.) The building might be better suited to be a large restaurant than a grocery store.

Comparing Whole Foods to Common Market is ridiculous. Common Market is a local co-op. You can buy shares ow ownership, you're supporting local businesses, not just the Common Market but their local suppliers which are mostly farms. "Organic" or not I'd rather buy produce from th…

Probably because the Sheriff's office and Frederick County & City's government are using it to as a way of staying in touch with citizens.

Just thought I'd follow up on this with this:

This article sounds a bit scary to the uninitiated. Lets remember that there are several invasive species in Maryland waters, including Large Mouth Bass (contrary to the article, these are not native to Maryland), the most common trout species including Brown and Rainbow, Carp, Blue and Fla…

They serve food and have seating, so I believe it's a restaurant. Only Sheetz with in-store dining sell beer.

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