Tractor Supply. Go into there and you will see some people without a mask. Even an employee with the mask below the nose. I wonder why their clientele is not taking it seriously? Also, OneLife gyms. Very few people wearing masks, groups of people hanging around talking, no masks.

Freedom for things to stay the same as they were back in the 'good 'ole days'

As a country, we already pay WAY more per person than any other country in the world, and we have worse health outcomes than most developed countries. Maybe we can't afford not to fix healthcare.

Actually, teachers spend much more time and work doing this virtually than in-classroom. Well documented. "Spend some time educating yourself". I don't like getting nasty in comments sections, but why the nasty tone to a comment?

Really?!?! Teachers make so much that you want to slash their salaries? And that would save how much money to pay parents?

Too many people in Frederick aren't taking this seriously. I have a regional membership to OneLife Fitness (includes the Sport&Health gyms). I've been to several in the DMV area. It is only in the two Frederick gyms that everyone is without masks. This includes people hanging out in g…

Yes, they have one of the best medical systems available. Beats the U.S. by nearly every measure. Is that what you mean?

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