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jsk. ever hear of a real news website or the too. It will bring you up to speed.

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might want guess again. nice photos of the t rump with epstein.

There needs to be done a complete environmental assessment of the area. Personally keep it agricultural except the portion that the east alco plant was located, it stays industrial. So I wonder where they put their waste all these years?

For now you can thank the engineers but there will be a storm that will overwhelm the system. Remember Rte 15 acts as a dam in both directions. Now think of all that nice dirty water with pollutants now laying in Baker Park. Go roll in it.

You mean fort. Which there was many.


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I guessed you missed the part about airports during the Revolutionary war. The orange buffoon strikes again with his stupidity.

To a certain degree but even during and then after the fighting they all went home. Trying to keep them during the growing season wasn't easy.

so get out your muskets and cannons.

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