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Do you have examples of the "been proven to be false and/ or out right lies".

Or is it just more right wing talking points? Hey, how'd that Benghazi investigation work out for you and Fox News? No convictions no indictments. Why is that do you suppose? There were plenty of Republi…

That's your rebuttal to the comment? What a waste. You could have at least started with; well I know Kellyanne has violated the Hatch Act repeatedly but.....she's a Republican and lies for Trump rather than Skorsky who is a Democrat and criticizes Trump.

rikki, are you referring to the leaders that Trump praises such as Putin, Kim Jong Un, or Duterte? Or the leaders of our allies that Trump puts down? Remember he and Kim have exchanged letters and are in love. Trump's words not mine.

Nearly every day Trump is tweeting division within our country. You don't see those tweets? Is that fake news? Why do people in other country's such as Britain protest when Trump goes there? The list goes on. Why doesn't Trump know his father was born in N.Y. and not Germany? Are there go…

Why do you feel the need to continually follow and denigrate KellyAlzan comments? Do you not have something better to do?

Great post. I just have one thing to add: It is a fact that no 2020 Democratic candidate has said they support open borders.

morel hunter commented on We need our history, warts and all

Please quote as to whom want "open borders" besides the right using it as a propaganda talking piece.

Hey have ya heard, Trump and Pence want to be able to commit infanticide. See how that works.

“We need to pass it to find out what’s it in” You really should research this wildly right wing propaganda phrase that was taken out of context.

On that note, how about the Republican Tax break for the rich that was passed with scribbled illegible writing on the side of it. Some of it…

morel hunter commented on Chelsea Clinton comes to Frederick

Where are you insinuating the money went to? She published a book. I would think the money goes in her bank account. What am I missing here? Do you just need to respond negatively to a positive comment? Does that make you feel good?

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