What residents should be concerned about is the waste of 45k of taxpayer money. I can think of many other more pressing needs in the city that the money should have gone toward. What else is the BOA and Mayor wasting money on and not using intelligently?

mr_twist27 commented on Why I support Sheriff Chuck Jenkins

I think a majority of Frederick residents support the Sheriff and his policies. You cant tell though because the FNP has an obvious bias against him.

This constitutes mismanagement in my opinion. It it right up there with the criminal retirement buyout from years ago.

This was an absolute waste of $45,000. They have nothing better to do with money then you pay for a company to draw a 3 colored letter f? A city employee could have easily designed a logo.

70,000 residents in Frederick City and less then 100 show up. That's all you need to know.

The Community Action Agency needs to be moved from downtown Frederick. Until that happens the homeless problem on the creek will never be fixed.

An 18 year old having a used car is considered wealthy and entitled now? I bought my first car when I was 17 and I can promise you I wasn't either.

The crazy Democrat hero AOC also has a bunch of people blocked on her Twitter account. She will also have to unblock them.

It's their job to insure that defendants get a fair trial. Not to lie and wessel their clients out of jail. There are a few respectable defense attorneys in this county, but not many anymore.

The great public defenders office...making up excuses to get a child abuser and cop assaulter back on the street.

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