The silence is deafening.

After exchanging several comments with councilmember McKay, I never did get an answer to my question, which I asked numerous times:

Why doesn't the county council and executive give means-tested property tax credits to ALL county residents who…


C.D.Reid Mar 28, 2023 5:15pm:

"As I said, mrnatural, sevenstones' suggestion is so ridiculous that I believe he was only joking this time. At least I hope so....."


Either way, there are people who advocate for bicycles only, and at least one commenter here agreed wit…


[thumbup] Guy.


“Ooh-ooh-ooooh, Mr. Kotter!” I know the answer -- how about if we reduce (or at least stop the growth of) the number of humans that are packed into the 22 square mile area we call the City of Frederick?

Nah, never mind. That runs counter to the delusional "Ponzi Pyramid of Growth" s…


[thumbup] Aslan.

There many reasons why demanding that downtown (or any area) be "bicycles only" is shortsighted and grossly unfair.

To add to what you said, there are:

* Elderly people who may have trouble walking, let alone riding a bike.

* Disabled people for wh…


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I caught that too shiftless, good question.


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The 2A aside for a second, with almost any topic, some people are just not worth the time and effort.

They do not argue in good faith. They behave like trolls, repeatedly resorting to ad hominem attacks and logical fallacies, and intentionally misstating what you've s…


There seem to be 3 main issues:

1) Obnoxious, selfish jerks that knowingly misadjust their OEM lights and/or purchase stupid-bright (non-DOT) aftermarket lamps and misaim them.

2) Drivers who are aware their lights are (inadvertently) misaimed because other drivers are flashin…


That makes perfect sense Mjinma.

Unfortunately, the last time I asked a dealer to aim the headlights on one of our vehicles, they said, "We don't do that anymore,"

That's just one dealer, hopefully that is not widespread practice.

There is a way to aim headlights yoursel…



"Also on Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen indicated that expanding deposit insurance is “not something that we’re considering”.

Actions speak louder than words. They've already bailed out every depositor at SVB and Signature -- even those with 1,000 times the …