Nancy Day


How'd you manage to keep yours? Lots of grovelling and whining to the mods? 'but they were mean to me'. lololol.

And it is a shame, cheeto, that we have a so-called president that can only play golf, insult, and bully on a day that is supposed to be observed. Care to justify or excuse that behavior. One cannot have much credibility if they criticize a person for the wrong expression yet openly suppo…

How is this about politics? This is about a man that denigrates service members. I don;t care which party was at 1600. A person behaves like a primate, he shall be treated as one. It is surprising there is not more outrage from the so=called patriots. Your dear leader trashes the military…

Go outside, B. How much more has drumpf and his family cost the US than Barry? How many more rounds has drumpf played? Do you realize you support a lying con man and spew irrelevant data that is easily dis-proven? At least you are good for a laugh.

and what are the people at 1600 doing? You can't be serious. Thank you for the laugh.

Does not hurt me. I am not sensitive and whining when the truth about that huckster is revealed. Nah, it's your group that has tantrums.

And we also have those that have so little respect for this great nation that they denigrate at every opportunity those who have served. That is the true disgrace. Well, along with those that enable him. Get over it.

Excellent points, Wheel. And legitimate questions for the candidate to answer.

Perhaps among your crowd of virus and health experts. Not sarcasm alert.

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