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Today proved there is A LOT of support for the 287g program. I think the people in this county have finally woke up as to what is going on and they don't like what they are seeing and hearing. Hope our County Council members noticed too. So funny that a protester turns out to be a Board o…

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A rally is being held to support the laws of the land and the Dems are up in arms about it. I will be at Baker Park supporting our Sheriff and from what I’m hearing, so will a lot of other people. 287g is in place and should stay there

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Good one Jake. The two videos I saw both showed a man violently attacked. Glad I don't like in Frederick City. Between what happened at the Fair and all the shootings, it will be a while till I return to downtown Frederick. And when I do, I'll be looking over my shoulder.

I think Murderer would be a better description.

Gary is drinking the koolaid again today.

And it would not matter if he did. Has nothing to do with his MURDER!

Charlie Smith said this afternoon there is NO evidence Mr. Weed used a racial slur. Watch his news conference. Mr. Smith the investigation is ongoing, but there is no evidence at this point. And if Weed has some records on the MD Judiciary Case Search, who cares? Has nothing to do with wh…

I agree Twigg!

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