"His plan includes $1,400 checks for most Americans" - The "most" is the problem here. They're using 2019 tax data to determine who gets stimulus regardless of how Covid impacted them in 2020. There are people who made over $100k in 2019 who have been unemployed for 9 months and won't get…

I suspect it is part of his plan. There is a better chance of it going through once Democrats have the majority. It's going to come down to every single vote counting to get him the 2/3 needed.

On a different note, Pelosi is wearing the same thing she did the last time she stood in this position impeaching Trump. It's like she has a dedicated outfit.

public-redux, threecents & awteam2000 - Thanks for the response. Makes sense now. I appreciate the explanation.

Can something explain this to me. I truly don't understand how it works. This has passed the House and now on to the Senate. It has not yet gone there and we don't know what the outcome will be once it does. How do we consider him impeached when it's only gone through one? If it only take…

Remember all those people who said Trump would end up causing a civil war? We tried to tell you.

Does this mean we can stop saying "Bye Felicia" and replace it with "Bye Donnie"?

I do agree that impeaching will create some divide, but I think the risk of not impeaching is far worse. We must never allow this type of behavior from a President again. He encouraged last week's events. He has the blood of Capitol Officers on his hands.

I agree that he needs to be removed, but there needs to be support from both Democrats and Republicans. If there is only Dem support, it's just going to further divide the nation.

The Capital was closed to the public that day. You seriously think he was asking to use the restroom? Okay, sure. Whatever.

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