Who is opposing abortion? I'm certainly not.

MD - The tax breaks for children are something I've never understood. The more children you have, the more tax break you get. But those children create a higher need for resources such as schools, teachers, etc. Meanwhile those without children, are the ones having to pay higher taxes to …

They may want to budget more than $32m because renovating that building is going to be costly.

"extending the child tax credits that are funneling about $300 a month to most families but expire in December" - Unpopular opinion here, but if you can't afford to raise children, then don't have them.

Yes, C.D. I am aware of its use by others and the meaning. I find it amusing that so many heard it, and then decided to use it. Sort of like sheep, don't you think? One uses it so the herd follows?

Matthew - he does it all the time. Dims is the most creative name he can come up with. Between that and his profile photo, we can tell the level of maturity we're dealing with.

I've questioned the same thing. I have to wonder if it is the city.

If Donnie did nothing wrong, then why would he care? Oh because he knows what he did and he knows it will land him in trouble.

Yes, Plumbum do tell us? You seem to be very focused on the fact he lives in an apartment. Why does that even matter? Maybe City of Frederick residents who live in an apartment have a problem voting for someone who own's real estate? When you say it that way, seems kind of stupid doesn't it?

Plumbum - Your comment is ignorant. I'm not a fan of this guy, but someone living in an apartment does not make them lowly. There are people who live in an apartment who have high paying jobs making well over $100k - $200k plus, but choose an apartment because it works for them and their …

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