Still more problems for the City of Frederick under this Administration. Just like with the dilapidated properties in Frederick, the city continues to fail at holding people accountable.

Sad. Ausherman needs to step up and provide space AND move Habitat. They do a fantastic job for the community. It's sad that they are kicked in the teeth like this.

Something smells fishy here.

Stacked deck. The MD attorney general has made Maryland California east. He will, as well as these two, do everything in his power to undermine the rule of law.

These two need to butt out.

Great....just finding this out. What to do with $50 in gift certificates!?!?

As usual, the writer does everything he can to belittle Frederick County.

niceund commented on Roger for Frederick

I also had many concerns when Mr Wilson was elected as an alderman while holding County Office. Since the election I have seen no evidence of any problem. The few times I have sent emails with questions for the aldermen, he is the first to respond with a very courteous and thoughtful repl…

Apparently the writer has not been watching previous aired reports of this process. This is completely partisan political play by the Democrats. When the process does not allow the defendant to actually defend himself, there is a flaw. Even criminals who are caught in the act of a crime a…

Sooooo....if balloons are released how do you tell if they are biodegradable? Helicopter, Airplane, Drone, Hot Air Balloon....wait, that's not allowed. Seriously, I do think that the mass release of many balloons is detrimental to a lot of things. However, our County Council has many othe…

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