You should probably grow up and experience more of the world before you start slamming adults about suppression of free speech. Your article, while fairly well written, expresses a juvenile, political attitude towards the problem.

I still can't understand why a $30,000 grant is being used to restore fields in Braddock Heights when City taxpayers are on the hook for restoring the field in Baker Park. This field continually floods and funds should either be allocated to completely restore this field so that it will neve…

niceund commented on What's in a name

The "righteous indignation" is yours. Thanks for discrediting over 60 million of your "fellow" Americans.

niceund commented on America is not a 'white nation'

Way off base. Enough said.

The city should not be sharing a cost for something this trivial with a Corporation the size of the one that wishes to build this hotel. City taxpayers are burdened enough without taking their money to subsidize a large corporation who will only make more money out of the project.

Dacey sites his experience working for the city of Frederick. Laughable. I would be very afraid. His time on the board of aldermen was worthless. At least McKay seems willing to discuss the issue. I don't understand why anyone would put in such an amendment. It seems water issues in the c…

So let me get this straight. CH III residents were drinking bad water between August 2017 and March 2018 but they were not told about it until April 2018?

I'd be afraid to smoke in an historic place like this. Scary

1830??? How many "people of color" have attended and graduated from these schools since their inception and are very successful today? How many cared about the name?
It's time for this crap to stop.

Best of luck. Turn the US flag around so it's hanging correctly and reach for the stars.

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