Traffic equals prosperity -

notconcerned commented on Frederick is an example for the nation

Well done Chief. You know, there are some leadership positions around here you would be well-suited for?

Excellent reporting - well written article - very informative.

Turning a quiet residential street lined with homes and schools into a state highway with a bike lane...

Go Bicycle Escape! Great people and great shop!

notconcerned commented on Long past due for Ginsburg to retire

Oh my, magic juice indeed. Someone has been watching a lot of Fox News during the pandemic.

We've postponed Bike to Work Day, and who knows about the High Wheel Race and Tour de Frederick?

Very reasonable FNP, thank you.

FNP Reporters, please be consistent on what you are calling this? This is a new one to me: SARS-CoV-2?

notconcerned commented on First Saturday goes virtual

Thanks to DFP! Thanks!

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