A $45,000 loss to smaller police departments like Frederick City and Frederick County means not being able to hire additional officers, repair and replace aging vehicles and equipment, or even purchase body cameras everyone is demanding every officer wear these days. What might seem like a …

notfromaroundthesehereparts commented on Man charged in pipe bombing of Thurmont police SUV

Outstanding work Jody!!!!!!!!!!!

So they aren't bothering to arrest people who are driving high on drugs????? Wow I feel safe..... (Not so much)

notfromaroundthesehereparts commented on Four considered for District Court judgeship

Absolutely! Flores is fair, intelligent, has a great deal of District Court experience. Sandy is a great fit for Circuit court.

notfromaroundthesehereparts commented on Two people displaced after Lake Linganore house fire

They do. Juniors and United on Market St. go around after the storms and dig out hydrants. I'm sure plenty other fire houses do as well. Sad it's one of those things citizens don't think of until it's too late.

notfromaroundthesehereparts commented on In favor of expanding the ignition interlock program

You're absolutely right. First time offenders are given the chance to get their record expunged, second time offenders don't even face jail, third time might get a weekend. The MVA seems like the only government organization offering enforcement hope with interlock, driver re-examinations,…

notfromaroundthesehereparts commented on ATV overturns, man taken to shock trauma center

And this is why you aren't in law enforcement, or any other field that serves the greater good for that matter. Did you notice the wet road? Or the painted crosswalk? Did you consider a potential mechanical malfunction of the equipment? Perhaps alcohol could have been a factor? Could he …

Ft Detrick is a great duty assignment and Frederick is a relatively safe and very beautiful town. There's tons to do within an hours drive and the majority of the people in this area are wonderful. Please don't let these worthless gangbanging morons taint the image of this town. They do not…

notfromaroundthesehereparts commented on 911 call: Mount Airy man said he killed his wife

So he kills his wife, then screws up while trying to kill himself and now can't reach the gun to finish himself off. Sorry buddy, that's called karma. You get to live to pay for your crimes.

notfromaroundthesehereparts commented on Destroyed marker a loss for Frederick history

Maybe the driver should be re-evaluated at the MVA. What a horrible loss.

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