This is July. Covid cases are escalating again. People are expecting a second wave. Maryland will soon start seeing more cases. Let's stop wasting time and money deciding hybrid or virtual. Just start planning on virtual instruction as the new norm. Reason against Hybrid is that some teac…

I agree with Business Owner. Who did this? And for what reason? To stir up more trouble? Whoever did this should be punished accordingly. But let's not put blame on ANY group until they find out who did it.


Good for them!!! They are fine doctors!!!

Please explain to me what the caption under this article regarding follow-up questions on an April 30 town hall meeting had to do with the article. No where in the article does it say anything about a woman in her 30's in Frederick County testing positive for the coronavirus. So when was …

We were all born with the ability to make choices. Delegate Cox has made a choice to subject himself to criticism for expressing something he believes in. I applaud him for having the courage to do that.

(Late in reading old papers.) Thank you so much!! I love that song and you did a great job!!!

My heart goes out to people with Covid and their families. According to this article, 1,405 people in Maryland are currently hospitalized with the virus. The Maryland Hospital Directory states there are 72 hospitals in the state. Therefore by averaging it out, you could say there are an a…

Earlier I posted a comment asking about number of patients at Frederick Health Hospital with the coronavirus. I also asked if it was true that nurses and health care providers are being laid off at this hospital because of shortage of other inpatients. Was this post deleted?

You'll get my vote Dan Cox along with the silent majority.

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