" It’s completely understandable that a person exposed to only a narrow set of facts might draw a narrow conclusion. "

That's all it took for me to realize I was in for a good read.

Well done, Jim.

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Frederick County Council members are at odds on when they should discuss and vote on bills — right after a public hearing or after council members have time to digest and debate the community’s input.

Under the former…

PatrickW commented on America, bless God


PatrickW commented on Flaws in new ethics proposal

Correction : Inside the village of Jefferson .... not inside the Jefferson Tech Park.

The Frederick Chronicles broke the story with pics of contractors "hydrant tapping". Delauter truck close by. Once exposed, all hydrants along Rt 180 were uncovered (camouflage removed) a…

Shreve prefers a Mac?

Too bad. The laptops assigned to the council members should be standardized across the board and county configured.

The county should abstain from pandering to Shreve's needs.


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Whether you like or dislike the song... the lyrics are a historical body of work.

If Delegate Young wants to rewrite the words, then why not rewrite Shakespeare and Socrates? Why not change the eye color in the Mona Lisa?

If the majority of the legislative body consider the Mary…

The more than cozy relationship between the County Executive and Michael Marschner, "Special Projects Manager" has been the topic of conversation around the county for some time.

What does Marschner actually do for Gardner?

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