pdl603 commented on Time for America to wake up

Typical of a lefty, deflect and accuse. Bidenz has done nothing in 40 plus years, and if you think he has name something. The LTE is factual, so stop living in your dream world utopia and face reality the left are not democrats of old, but commies of old who hate what America is and want …

Nothing to protest anymore the false narrative has been exposed. Please, just go away.

pdl603 commented on Dictators

What a warm steaming pile of Naik!

Sure I will, but when he wins will the riots and violence continue because you lost...again?

Fool, name one thing Wheezy has done? Bidenz, stoked the riots and violence by not condemning it.

Greggie, off your meds or did you just wake up stupid? Bidenz has done more to harm this country during his empty of achievement political carrier whilst DJT has taken steps or great strides to MAGA in less than four. Trump 2020!!!!

I like it. Fill the seat now! This fake outrage displayed by The Party is all theatre because you know darn well that they would fill the seat without delay. For those who think Ginsberg’s deathbed wish should be honored, I am here to say this isn’t the make a wish foundation it is the Su…

Hog wash, apparently you’ve partaken in the consumption of the mind numbing democrat koolaid. You assessment appears to be straight off the CNN and MSNBC wire. Bindenz lied about Hunter’s escapades and Commalah just lied and retweeted the phoney Breonna storyline. They’ve enriched themsel…

Hogan is a squishy neo-con. His presidential hopes are fading if he is going to act like a Romney.

Based on testimony looks like another false narrative spread and condoned by the rabid left and The Party. It appears as though Party leadership (democrat) just won’t let justice run its course. Harris is still tweeting the false narrative how pathetic.

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