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I don’t think that has been published yet has it? Oh that’s right the WaPo is speculating, but that is good enough for you.

FGroomer, is just another Party apparatchik spewing the BS downloaded to his brain via a daily enema.

Did your daily info enema from the DNC and MSM plant those ideas in empty head?

Wow, what a leap of faith.

Your handlers in the DNC and MSM must be proud to have you as a member.

I do know, but do you know who polices created the inflation? Sure you do and it isn’t the former president.

I guess the words ‘could’, ‘maybe’ and ‘unknown’ are ok for your weak mind to draw a conclusion. Your elitist style of comments are typical of your type which really quite frankly repulsive and calling for violence against those of a different view point. The shooter was wrong in his acti…

Oops, could it be that the recession and its deniers are seeing the impact of a recession and fed policy?

President Joementia stated on Wednesday that there was zero inflation in July. Talk about stupid, Joementia is a special kinda stupid.

I thought there was a recount? Surely, it must have been accurate this time around.

Where are you getting your info Haystack? From CNN, MSDNC, Networks, NPR, I figured as much. Since day one you’ve tried to “get” him. You’ve even resorted to subversive tactics, but to no avail. I guess the only way left is to plant evidence (see raid) or assassinate.

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