Very clear, well written and factual discussion of taxes and who does not have to pay them. The long term impact is clearly seen in the distribution of income and wealth where an increasingly higher percentage of both is going to the top 10% and an even greater percentage going to the top 1%.

PhilipYoung commented on What kind of country will America be?

Right on. You raised many issues and ask what kind of country do you want. Unfortunately those who disagree do so by attacking you and not the issues you raise. Thanks for trying to keep us thinking about the issues and the choices we must make. Keep up the good work.

PhilipYoung commented on Out of the wild

Just a brief note to say how much I enjoyed commentary, Out of the Wild. It was extremely well thought out and written. The way it related one man's struggle against the forces of nature, to the worlds fight against the virus was very insightful. I agree that our survival depends upon one…

I completely agree with Jan's suggestion that the Post use conservative opinions that are well thought out from columnist such as George Will of David Frum. Buchanan simply recycles old not very well thought out trash.

Some day COVID 19 will end, hopefully DOVID 16 will end in November although I'm afraid it will take a long time to clean up the damage it has done.

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