JSK, the jurisprudence of negative and affirmative racial gerrymandering is still good law. If you are looking to understand the evidentiary applications, I'd go to some of those cases, like League of United Latin American Citizens v. Perry.

This was superbly written, the author's expert opinion at the end was reasonable and while disagreements exist, his historical knowledge of the doctrine and examples showed complete command of the subject matter. I learned more reading this editorial than I did from any other in the past …

Piedmontgardener commented on The truth about Trump's speech on Jan. 6

Mr. Bugg, the President spent most of the summer forward stating that if he lost it was a fraudulent election. He assembled his followers on the day the Congress certified an election to protest the peaceful transition of power in the US. Nothing you or anyone else says on this subject es…

Well, thanks for trying kill more of them. Aren't you proud?

D - I'm a man and have spent a year scurrying through groceries stores with a mask, that word works perfectly for my movements the past year.

JSK - you could have simply congratulated Don for a thoughtful LTE and one that is wonderfully in tone, rather than offer your concern trolling of other matters not raised in the letter.

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This was superb, thank you very much for writing it.

Piedmontgardener commented on Maybe I was wrong about Joe Biden

Phy - terms of service are an attempt at enforcing a general decency in exchange. Certain members of the community don't want that. Nothing is added from anyone from any side of an issue dealing in ad hominem trash.

Piedmontgardener commented on Maybe I was wrong about Joe Biden

Thanks, Bosco will be here all week with his amazing comedy routine! Remember to tip your waitresses and bartenders.

Seriously, you think anyone finds this commentary intelligent?

Piedmontgardener commented on Maybe I was wrong about Joe Biden

Remember when people would make reasoned arguments without adopting denigrating sarcasm and actually have something to say? Certainly, one could find substantial policy differences between administrations and discuss why that is or isn't a good thing. However, after 4 years of public poli…

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