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Piedmontgardener commented on Happy New Year my ...

Glad your cases were minor and Happy New Year, Mr. Grimes. May it be better for all of us. I'm fine being an unctuous dork for a while, yet, there's enough angst and disease in the air these days.

Good piece, a lot to think about in here.

I think this is the proper compromise. A good number will want it installed as well.

Piedmontgardener commented on Unvaccinated are holding us hostage

Outstanding LTE and one that perfectly encapsulates the horrible burden we've placed upon our health care providers.

Piedmontgardener commented on State needs mask mandate

Agreed. While Hogan has done a good job for Marylanders, I'm somewhat concerned that this is a political move, which is unfortunate, he has zero chance of being a nominee in the Trump party.

I read this and realized that your information stream comes from a really dark and fact free universe. Best unsubscribe to those things and rejoin the real world.

It's a sorry anniversary of a time where power meant more than constitutional duty. Seeing some many comments and editorials, particularly in the Wall Street Journal today attempt to minimize or downplay the events following the election up to the culminating actions on January 6th perfec…

Piedmontgardener commented on County fails again on COVID management

Rare to see such spite focused on a community health decision. Playing games with quotation marks doesn't enhance the central point of this letter, you aren't sold on the need and you find your decision to be more important than the weight of the medical experts and the Council's vote.

Good. It's not going to kill anyone to take a bit more care the next six weeks. Daughter was out of bed yesterday at 6am to rapid test to be able to take care of her elderly patients. This is no joke right now and if a mitigation such as a mask in public can knock down any community sprea…

Piedmontgardener commented on Laws should be enforced

Breitbart News? FNP, this isn't acceptable here anymore. We are a well educated, politically diverse community that deserves better content from this subscription. I voted for Larry Hogan twice, I've seen what this mind rot confirmation bias garbage has done to our country. Allowing a pra…

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