Disgraceful? You are so blinded with your adulation for a fatally flawed and dangerous man you cannot even comprehend that people have distinctly alternative and factual reasons to loath him. But keep on parroting your Tweet King's chosen lines, written by Stephen Miller.

Stupid private citizen. No comparison.

Stephen Miller. doubling down. It's as if they really are Russian assets.

This should be done, asap. Smart business owners have lines of credit, unaccessed for a rainy day. Big business does the same. We just closed a line for the house, which will stay zero balanced. It surely beats going to the Feds hat in hand if need be. I do not think the argument that Cou…

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Once you offer a word like "Leftists" in an argument, you've lost the argument. Somehow, people think that ad hominem pejoratives projected in their argument enhances their central points. Instead, it only renders them meaningless.

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Perhaps a teacher might be aware of the sacrifices of young Americans during 1942-45 and the community's contributions to the war effort and reconsider this ill advised letter.

More like great common sense advice highly recommended by our medical professionals. But hey, virtue signalling.

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Here's exhibit A of utilizing scripted talking points meant to trivialize the impact of a global pandemic and desperately attempt to paint a picture of a calm, sunny day with no worries. What the author doesn't understand is that he's parroting propoganda that is a danger to you and your …

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Parade of imbeciles, the line of the times to describe this Administration. Very well said.

Piedmontgardener commented on Waiting is an essential part of recovery

That was sarcasm, Greg.

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