Blind to facts apparently.

Now, with far larger numbers of protesters amassing in larger groups, we hear none of the lofty moralism coming from the media or lockdown enthusiasts on social media.

Its like Covid-19 all but disappeared. Weird how that works.

I thought if you protested during this pandemic you are a "Covidiot." I remember the people commenting on here said as much about Michigan.

So social distancing is officially over, right?

Gun control laws still not working. Imagine that.

Gardner, like most left wing progressives, hate religion.

12 people not in nursing homes have died of corona. Most likely they had other problems that caused death. We aren't opening yesterday because why? This has been an absolute abomination of lemmings following each other off the cliff.

pilot25 commented on Plan now for November election

Yes, we must have mail in balloting because we are all going to die. 85% of corona deaths are in nursing homes but don't let reality keep you from trying to rig the election.

This is the same story in every state in the country. Rinse and repeat. This will go down in history as the biggest mistake in decision making ever recorded. Millions out of work, homeless, hungry because we listened too closely govt paid scientists.

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