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A year ago, we launched our membership program, unveiling new features online and in the paper, like our expanded Sunday commentary section, a…

Since launching our new website three months ago, we've received hundreds of helpful comments. Thanks to all who have offered suggestions; we'…

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100 percent of Unity donations go to the nonprofits. In fact, each individual donation is actually increased because of the matching fund.

Apparently not!

Or, perhaps, 3) the photographer says, "try one turned sideways, with your arms crossed." Just maybe...

Thanks for the heads up on that. We'll look into it.

Yup -- we dropped the ball on that. I've added in a link to their business listing, with address & mapping and all that good stuff. Thanks for calling that to our attention!

Oh, and one other thing to check out: The 72 Hours team manages a Twitter feed, too, where they post links to stories and other interesting things. The handle is @fnp72hours.

You can read all of 72 Hours online, as it was printed, using the ePages service, which you can get to from the link at the top left of every page on the site. With ePages, you can flip through all of the pages.

Also, most of the stories in 72 Hours show up in our Arts & Entertainm…

Sorry about that -- we had a glitch in the system last night. The other letters are on their way to the site now.

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You got it just right. In the building, the mantra I repeat is that we have to "matter more," not far from your call to make the paper "more appealing." Investigative reporting is a part of that, and so is simply doing a good job of finding and reporting on daily stories,…

Publisher commented on Welcome, members

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