No surprise, the large packs of cyclist that come here to ride are an accident waiting to happen. Terrible that she died but they are a hazard to themselves and others.

Those North Star clowns sure did take advantage of our naive elected officials. When is the next election?

"You can’t have the community design a graphic." No but the community can vote these folks out of office.

Quisling commented on Field & Stream: Predator calling

This article should have been left in the middle of the 20th century where it belongs.

Some people don't know what an acceleration lane is nor how to use one. They sit stopped in the acceleration lane waiting to get on 15 and usually they pull out in front of traffic causing other drivers to slam on their breaks. You can build it but your going to have to educate some peopl…

Brilliant decision making, I would use this as the central plank in my reelection platform.

Race, gender & physical appearance are very important to Trump.

E.A. Trump is a smooth operator.

Finals of the Gold Cup not the World Cup.

Nicotine junkie desperate for his drug.

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