Three - don't forget the Old Bay on the bacon and eggs and we don't drink Dr Thunder, we drink Natty Boh [beam]

I like Hunan Gourmet.

Cats are neater? lol

No, the dems immigration bill wasn't good. L
Lets keep investing the president for ... um... er.. well, wrong doing of some kind. This has been very productive so far.

Jack is a big baby, always has been.

Eliminate all parking on Market. Just have a few delivery spots and make the sidewalks wider.

Ask just about any tipped worker if they want to get an hourly rate vs tips

No one wants to go against the mighty duk, so I guess we have to wait her out. She'll probably live to 110 just out of spite.

So need a place to play music that no one wants to hear. lol

[scared][scared][scared] Stock up on canned goods

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