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Why not let people decide for themselves if this is worthwhile instead of mandating?

The virus also mutates in the vaccinated.

Does this apply to the overweight who do not listen to the doctors concerning maintaining a healthy weight? Should they be turned away from hospitals when they have a heart attack or stroke? Should hospitals turn away overdoses because they patient did not listen to doctors advice to stay…

Incredibly arrogant of MC to try to force people to install and pay for something SHE thinks they should have. Absolute overreach by government.

Reader commented on Get your shots and mask up

Should this go for smokers and the overweight as well? These come with a multitude of associated health problems. Omicron does not appear to be particularly deadly, which is a good thing. Perhaps this is the stepping stone to true herd immunity?

She is a young woman making the right choice for herself. Pretty sure she doesn't care what you think.

Reader commented on COVID frustrations continue

May I suggest therapy? You seem quite stressed.

The fact is that the data quoted in this article states that there are more vaccinated than unvaccinated in the Frederick Health ICU. Why is that the case?

There is clearly a question according to the data that was supplied by the hospital itself. If the vaccine were as effective as advertised, there would be NO vaccinated patients in the ICU, because while the vaccine can't prevent one from getting COVID, it is supposed to be extremely effe…

So, there were MORE vaccinated people in the ICU for COVID than unvaccinated, according to the statistics quoted in this article? How can Ms. Gardner use these numbers to incentivize vaccination? It seems like vaccination puts people at higher risk? Or at the very least doesn't make any d…

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