yeah, yeah, this is just to deflect the fact that AOC accused Pelosi of complaining about her and the other three the same thing because, and I quote AOC on this, that they were "women of color." Now, AOC is accusing Pelosi of being a racist with that statement. It's nice to see some of t…

When are these dipstick pastors going to learn the old testament says there is one law for the citizen as well as the strangers that is to be obeyed? This isn't a humanitarian crisis...that is until the dems labelled and created it as such. Most of them are just paid couriers for the drug…

This is what you get when you vote in a liberal socialist mayor that supports the memo, that was approved by the council, etc., etc., etc. You got what you deserve.

How is it we are spending more and more money on schools while the kids "graduating" can't even count change to a full dollar amount correctly? I know of 3 kids personally like that. Maybe it is what I've been hearing, that the increase for schools is because of larger and larger classroo…

I'm shocked at your comment, FCPS. You're usually so ridiculously leftist.

wait a couple of years and see him get caught by his own invention. it's happened before. just ask the guy that invented the guillotine, oh wait..he was executed by guillotine.

If Kai and all the rest of the liberal socialist don't like 287g they have no one to blame but their exalted ruler Bill Clinton who introduced the 287g when he was still occupying the white house.

I guess if I were to follow the liberal/progressive pattern and narrative, I would have to DEMAND that Biden drop out of the presidential campaigning race and still give an apology besides.

I support the recycling of single use plastic bags.

another crazy thought

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