He was her husband.

Prayers to this young man's family

Did this article really need 14 pictures?

Instead of worrying about a welcome center they need to fix the issue with the lines or lack there of at the stoplight at the intersection of Main Street at MD 17 going towards Boonsboro. There are supposed to be 2 lanes one left turn only and a straight lane. I almost got hit there the o…

roaddog0119 commented on Doing our homework about homework

Life isn't stress free. Raising children up shielding them from stress doesn't prepare them for the real world. Work stresses me oust sometimes but that doesn't give me the right to not chose to do it. The mentality has changed from when us older folks grew up. I would have never thought …

The first exit to the left on 15 Northbound is not a U turn lane. People are rushing to get over to make a U turn there. You need to drive to the next left turn off of 15 to make the U turn where there is a merge ramp for people who are making the U turn on Southbound 15.

Old Frederick Rd. Just looked it up under that name.

No. They closed off the cross over access to turn left off of southbound 15.

I was billed over $800 for one month before. They came out checked my toilets and everything for leaks. They didn't find anything and there was no way I used that much water. They claimed their meter was working properly but I suspect that it wasn't.

Did anybody happen to notice the 2 tables sitting in right forefront of the picture? Not only were people on the bridge but it looks like tables and props were as well.

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